About adDryer™

We are transforming the hand dryer market with the first video connected dryer

We are revolutionising the way brands connect with consumers whilst environmentally transforming the washroom.


We enable brands to sustainably maximize revenue in their building facilities, transforming wasteful and environmentally damaging washrooms into connected, engaging and sustainable revenue-producing smart assets, importantly transforming the user experience.


The adDryer by SAVORTEX is a revolutionary eco-friendly advertising platform, enabling all advertisers to promote ad campaigns, trailers, offers, rewards and incentives, specific to gender, time and location.The platform guarantees consumer attention for up to 10 seconds without distractions. This can be dynamically refined to the audience to gain real-time insights through a proprietary data portal measuring gender, engagement and site footfall.

It is the first platform of its kind, that will drive new revenue opportunities for site owners whilst delivering eco-friendly technology, energy efficiencies and productivity.

We are rolling out a network of 3,500 adDryer™ screens, equating to millions of guaranteed eyeballs in 2020 including venues such as The Shard, Gatwick Airport, LABS Co-work space, Euro garages and many more.



Revolutionise the way brands connect with consumers whilst environmentally transforming the washroom.


  • The adDryer™ by SAVORTEX® delivers tailored ads to a captive audience
  • Millions of potential viewers guaranteed for 10 seconds
  • Campaigns can be segmented by audience demographics, gender, time, location and age groups
  • Wastepaper is the third largest contributor to global warming and would save billions of pounds in landfill sites
  • The adDryer™ by SAVORTEX® is 66% more environmental than other hand dryers
  • Quicker drying saves energy and time
  • Digital media delivery and no hand drying paper towel waste saves mess, landfill, money and pollution
  • The adDryer™ by SAVORTEX® is networked and can determine when a washroom requires cleaning thus driving efficiency costs and increasing productivity
  • Audience measurement analytics based on data collected from source, determined by users on a daily basis


“It is fantastic to see a British company leading the way in technological innovation. SAVORTEX is a forward thinking and dynamic company with a product range that will revolutionise the washroom sector.”

Martin McCourt ex-CEO – Dyson, now senior advisor to SAVORTEX.